Wednesday, January 9, 2008

End of Season Review

So it's been a while, and after placing some ludicrous but fun bets on Week 17 (and getting my ass handed to me in the process), I've abstained from all post season betting. Why? Because a.) I have zero historical data on which to base my guesses, and b.) anything can happen. I can pretty much guess that the Box would pick almost every underdog, too, but I still have no way to no. I have created no postseason module. That may be something to start for next season.

Overall, I would have to say it was a successful trial year. I lost a marginal amount of cash in what amounted to an oddly disproportionate favorite-covering year, so assuming over time things revert to the mean (where underdogs have a very slight advantage), I feel like I'm on the right track. The Box is now able to pick based on "cost per bet", a feature added very late in the season and perfected in Week 15 or 16, so my expectations will be high next year for some serious cash flow.

I will post results here in the morning, but for now, I wanted to bid a farewell to anyone who read this regularly - I assume me and the Capper, and maybe occasionally my wife - and I look forward to next season. Keep us on the RSS feeds, we may post a bit over the post season and off season just as updates happen and the betting styles are honed. With a few seasons data under my belt, it will be easier to run back tests and improve my stats hopefully. So check back for a full end of season review soon, for now, ta ta!

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