Friday, September 18, 2009

Week 02: Betting the Moneyline

I'm working on new moneyline strategies that focus on high risk/high reward betting. Unclear whether I will use it, as I've had mixed backtesting. Excellent results in 2007, terrible results in 2008. Still tweaking. Here's what I'm showing this week, may make these bets and see how they play:

Rank Pick Vs ML Bet %
1 TB @ BUF +190 36%
2 CLE @ DEN +160 26%
3 NYG @ DAL +130 20%
4 STL @ WAS +400 18%

Notice it's all the dogs, so major major risk betting. But mostly low yield dogs - love the NYG pick, and the box is taking TB both on the ML and the spread. STL is terrible, I can't quite figure why the box finds it so sexy.

Hopefully the wrinkles are ironed by next week and betting can begin in earnest. I'm moist with anticipation (is it wrong to say moist? Definitely).

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