Friday, September 25, 2009

Week 3 2009 - Picks of the Week

So I've had a chance to look at the lines, and here's the best of the bunch:

1. Den (-1.5) @ OAK: JaMarcus is still trying to complete his tenth pass in his career, but Vegas still gives no credit to Denver, huh? I know everyone thinks Denver's 2-0 record is a mirage because of that flukey win over CIN... but wait! CIN went out and upset GB last week... Denver picked on CLE last week like everyone else is going to do. My point? OAK no bueno, DEN gonna win.

2. NO (-6) @ BUF: Everyone agrees NO is the new Greatest Show on Turf right? And hopefully we all remember how to beat these 'Shows'.... Anyone? Beuhler? Yeah, by slowing the game down on offense and waiting for turnovers on defense. So... the new Bills... the high-scoring no-huddle Bills.... their gonna give Brees a lot of time of possession, and no way Edwards keeps up with him.

3. Chi (-2) @ SEA: How is CHI only giving two points against the Seahawks without Hasselbeck? Cutler looked pretty good to me last week, and Matt Forte hasnt' been unleashed yet. This one's a candidate for lock of the week.

4. HOU (-3.5) vs. Jax: Love this game, too. Does JAX actually have wide receivers? I'm not really sure... HOU on the other hand can and will explode on offense, and their D is underrated. This one could be a blowout.

Let's make some money.

Edit: Matty, I noticed I'm picking 100% against the box this week. En Garde.

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