Friday, October 2, 2009

Week 4 - Capper's Final Bets

I decided on:
- cin (-6) over CLE
- dal (-145) over DEN,
- dal (-3) over DEN (zero juice!);

I wanted to stay pretty safe by picking against the Browns, who are just in turmoil. As for Denver... I just don't think they are a real 3-0 team, and I think Dallas' running game is going to expose them. Watching the highlights of the Dallas v Giants game shows you how good the Cowboys can be, and I don't see anything like that in the Broncos.

Jerry Jones, I still hate you.

Edit: After reading up some more, I couldn't resist my first teaser of the year...

HOU (-2.5) over oak -- nyg (-3) over KC -- NO (-1) over nyj -- sd (+12.5) over PIT

Houston should have no problem beating Oakland by 3, same goes for the Giants over KC. I've given SD a 12 point cushion against an ailing Steelers team. That leaves the Saints, who are at home against the Jets. The Jets haven't had to keep up with a good offense yet, and I think the Saints are going to force their hand. Sanchez has looked good so far because he hasn't had to score a lot of points yet. This week we'll see some interceptions leading to a Saints victory.

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