Friday, October 3, 2008

Capper Changes Tactics - Week 5 Go-Time

After back-to-back huge losing weekend, I have decided I need to switch to a "pick of the week" format for a little while. There are two games I like best:

JAX (-4) over pit: JAX is a loaded team with a solid D and efficient offense. The problem they face is their banged up O-Line, which I believe they have fixed. The backups have had a few games to get adjusted, and they have returned to their fearsome running attack with Taylor and MJD. PIT on the other hand is without fast Willy Parker and Rothlisberger looks like David Carr back their getting sacked approximately 40 times per game. Throw in a tough Monday Night Game last week vs. brusing BAL and the fact that JAX is home, I think I've got a winner.

tn (-3) over BAL: BAL is better than I thought they'd be this year, but TN has just been awesome. I'll give a field goal here and say TN's D make Flacco's life miserable. BAL's D is stout of course, but I'm betting they can get just enough done to get the W.

The spreads here may make it risky, I'll decide whether or not to go Moneyline at the last minute probably.

Cap on!

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