Thursday, October 16, 2008

I'm the Mongoose to your Cobra: Madcapping Week 7!

I must admit, my ego is severely bruised right now. I'm way down on the year, and need to get on a winning streak. Further complicating things were the Week 6 results. So many upsets... Anyway, here's how I see Week 7 shaking out....

tn (-9) @ KC: TN's coming off their bye week, they are 5-0 with no major injuries. KC is suspending Larry Johnson for the week. Is it possible KC is throwing the season? Screw Arrowhead, TN pounds them.

Madcapping: TN 24 - KC 6
Confidence: 80%

sd (PICK) @ BUF: After SD's drubbing ov NE (sooooo glad i resisted the urge to pick the upset) last week, this now looks like the game of the week. BUF is coming off their bye, and has the early game at home vs. a West Coat team. All signs point to Buffalo, but I was at the SD game last week, my friends. SD showed off its deep passing game and I'm not so sure BUF has anyone in their secondary to stop it.

Madcapping: SD 27 - BUF 21
Confidence: 50%

pit (-9.5) @ CIN: I still am not over how well B Roth played two SundayNights ago. Phenomenal effort to beat that tough JAX team. CIN played Dallas tough, but I keep hearing Carson is hurt, and I even heard his WRs are asking him to sit out. I don't know if you've watched Ryan Fitzpatrick, but it ain't pretty, and neither will this game.

Madcapping: PIT 21 - CIN 9
Confidence: 70%

bal (+3) @ MIA: Dolphins were dogs last week against Houston... and lost. Now they are favorites against Baltimore? Maybe if I keep losing my bookie will just pay me anyway? Weird thing is... I totally agree. I like MIA to win at home. J Porter is having a ferocious year, nobody's solved 'the wildcat' yet, and I like Pennington a lot more than Flacco.

Madcapping: BAL 17 - MIA 21
Confidence: 65%

min (+3) @ CHI: CHI should have lost that game before they should have won it, but they lost anyway. Make sense? Watch the highlights on, it was an insane game. So what about MIN... You got me.... Berrian Sucks, Frerrotte is ok, Peterson is good, but won't CHI just stack the box?

Madcapping: MIN 13 - CHI 16
Confidence: 50%

no (+3) @ CAR: As I explained last week, CAR is my abusive boyfriend. I played it smart last week and stayed away from them (They promptly got their asses handed to them by Gaycia, I mean Geighcia). So basically that means they get rocked this week by NO, who seem unstoppable on offense, right? This is a frickin tease game, I want to put it on the line for the Saints, but CAR is equally capable of showing up and winning, so what do i know...

Madcapping: NO 33 - CAR 28
Confidence: 50%

sf (-10.5) @ NYG: The Giants fell asleep at the wheel last week. Do not forget this team is bad-ass. They have a West Coast team coming to visit, all signs point to an annihilation. The spreads a little hefty, but still could be worth it.

Madcapping: SF 10 - NYG 30
Confidence: 75%

det (+9) @ HOU: DET is so bad they are 9 point dogs to 1 Win Houston! Aye aye. I didn't see it but i heard the new QB stepped out of bounds for a safety at one point last week. Houston gets its second win this week, but can they do more than 9? uh oh... smells like a teaser.

Madcapping: DET 9 - HOU 20
Confidence: 75%

NYJ (-3) @ OAK: The J-E-T-S have been playing well enough to beat weak teams, and OAK is definitely that. With only a field goal spread, i really like the Favres this week.

Madcapping: NYJ 24 - OAK 17
Confidence: 80%

cle (+7.5) @ WAS: Hey, wouldn't it be cool if CLE was suddenly back and took down the Skins one week after shocking the Giants? Only problem is that the Giants had a sloppy away game after cruising to victories game after game. WAS is at home, and they are coming off a loss of their own (to STL, pew). I'd like to see CLE win, but won't bet on it.

Madcapping: CLE 17 - WAS 19
Confidence: 50%

ind (-1) @ GB: I was wrong, this is the game of the week. Both good teams with too many losses already. GB has not been performing well lately though, so I'm giving this one to Indy.

Madcapping: IND 24 - GB 21
Confidence: 60%

sea (+10.5) @ TB: Suddenly Tampa's a rockstar team, eh? 10.5 is a big spread, but SEA's done all of nothing to warrant betting with them.

Madcapping: SEA 15 - TB 20
Confidence: 60%

den (+3) @ NE: So apparently all NE had to do to be favored was get creamed but a 2-3 team. Sometimes I don't get this whole thing. Here's my concern... SD went long ball over and over... and yes, over again last week. DEN has one of the top passing attacks in the league. Eddie Royal is out and I can't name the Broncos starting RB....

Madcapping: DEN 30 - NE 28
Confidence: 60%

Final picks tomorrow!

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