Friday, October 24, 2008

Jumbo Package (no not that package)!

Yes that package! least compared to Matty who apparently is still scared in a corner somewhere with his box. I've been picking solo for two weeks now, Matty!

OK so I only like 5 games this week, and I'm putting all my eggs in two baskets:

1. Straight Bet - $20
- buf (-1.5) over MIA: MIA screwed me last week by losing to BAL, and BUF shocked me with a dominant performance over SD. I'm riding this wave big time for most of my week's gambling cash.

2. Parlay (3-team) - $5
[tb (+1.5) over DAL -- atl (+9) over PHI -- nyg (+3) over PIT]
- Dallas is in disarray, Romo is still out and TB is playing extremely well. I think we have an upset here, and then Jerry Jones will have to trade for another whacky WR, maybe Javon Walker?
- The ATL pick is sorta risky, but I don't need them to win, just play solid ball like they have been playing and stay within 9 points. This could be one of the upsets of the week I talked about earlier, though. Keep an eye on this game.
- I just love the Giants. I think they are the best team in football, and here they are as the underdogs. I like PIT, too, but I've watched Ben Rothlesomethingorother get smashed quite a bit, and I think the Giants D may knock him out of this game.

I have a good feeling about this week. Rock on.

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