Friday, October 10, 2008

Week 06 - Box's Best Bets

The bets are in, the juice is low, and the final bets somewhat suck my nudsack.

Here they are:

Pick Vs Spd Bet % Bet Amt
BAL @ IND +4 52% $35.10
CAR @ TB +1 48% $32.78


Pick Vs ML Bet % Bet Amt
WAS v. STL -650 34% $9.37
NYG @ CLE -340 26% $7.20
BAL @ IND +170 21% $5.72
MIA @ HOU +130 18% $5.00

for totals of

Start Value
$s Add $s Sub
$0.00 $0.00
Total Bank
Bets Placed

So a nice chunk of a week, but this new iteration of the box makes me nervous, since it has the ability to cull out only one or two teams to bet. It means I'm placing fairly big bets on a fairly small sample size. Despite it being profitable historically, it still makes me nervous. I mean, BAL could just as easily implode as play well. And CAR? Well, who exactly is CAR? They beat a weaker-than-they-should-be SD team in week 1, a volatile CHI team, lost to a schizophrenic MIN team, and crushed two of the lowest teams in the league.

Also, it's rare when the box suggests some seriously terrible payouts on the moneyline. Winning isn't quite as sweet when the payout is like $2 on a $9 bet. Lame.

But, the box hasn't steered me tooooooooooo wrong yet. Hi ho silver, away!

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