Friday, October 3, 2008

"The Sports Guy" Hilarious Moment of the Week

This week's addition is Bill Simmons describing how Al Davis looks suspiciously like freaky villains from the movies:

"In the span of five hours after his surreal press conference, my readers sent me e-mails comparing Davis to the following Hollywood characters: Jigsaw (from "Saw"); Skeksis ("Dark Crystal"); Bill Murray's dead boss ("Scrooged"); Mason Verger ("Hannibal"); Mr. Burns ("The Simpsons"); the Crypt Keeper; Emperor Palpatine; the first alien villain who lands in "Men in Black"; Jason Voorhees when he comes out of the water in "Friday the 13th" (the first one); and what Bernie's rotting corpse would have looked like if they stretched the series to a "Weekend at Bernie's V." I kept expecting Davis to suddenly jump from his seat and grab Scott Ostler or Tim Kawakami while screaming, "Give me his blood! I need to drink his blood right now!!!!!!"

Vampire Jokes rock.

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