Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Week 09 - Secret Betting

OK, so I placed some secret bets lately. I was pissed off a couple weeks ago when I split my bets between a MoneyLine, Straight-Wager and a 4-Team Teaser. The ML and SW lost, but my teaser hit!

...but wait!

There's no record of my winning bet being placed! Shady business I tell you. How is it my losing bets were recorded but not my winner? Anyways, I've been pouting like the 6 year old I am.

Week 09 saw my return and I placed two wagers (and wrote down the confirmation number this time):

- Pit (-3) over DEN
- CIN (+9) over bal -- hou (+16) over IND -- car (+19) over NO -- gb (-4) over TB

Pit vs Den was pure gut - I still don't trust Denver to beat the elite teams. Pit happens to be my defense in fantasy football, so woot woot - double whammy victory from the Steelers last night.

My teaser was so perfect it had to lose... look at those huge spreads I gave myself! I picked the dogs to cover in 3 of 4, and gave myself a comfortable -4 point spread for GB to beat.. but lo! Tampa ruined the party with the weirdest upset of the year. I'm not going to fault myself for that one... Nobody picked TB to win this game.

So week 9 results.... Zero. The bets cancelled each other out - on to week 10!

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