Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Fresh off my Week 2 victories I'm primed for more action. Here's my take on Week 3:

Before the season everyone would have thought this as a game between two of the worst teams in the NFL, and they'd be right. ATL threw a joker out there, though, with it's Week 1 upset of DET. I like what I've seen of Michael Turner, and think Matt Ryan is gonna be a good QB. This game all depends on the spread. KC got hammered by OAK, so their stock is gonna be way down. Look for KC to be undervalued here, but betting on them is still risky as hell.

Madcapping: KC 19 - ATL 20

BUF is gonna be favored, the question is by how much? OAK showed they can run the ball last week, and BUF's defense is definitely still suspect. I like BUF to win at home, but we'll see how much in love Vegas has fallen with them when the spreads come out.

Madcapping: OAK 16 - BUF 23

TB lost a close game to NO and beat a weak ATL. This is a difficult team to read. CHI is playing intense defense and is trying the Kyle Orton low risk-low reward offense. Apparently their rookie RB Forte is a stud. I think this game is gonna be low-scoring and close, but I'll give the edge to CHI at home.

Madcapping: TB 14 - CHI 17

CAR's a team on the rise, MIN's a team in free-fall. Steve Smith comes back this week and I think everyone is ready for CAR to 3-0. I agree. The only thing that would make this game worth betting on is if the spread is under 4, but I'm guessing it'll be more like 7.

Madcapping: CAR 23 - MIN 21

NE proved it will win with Cassel at the helm, and MIA licks balls. I like NE big in this game, probably with a couple defensive scores.

Madcapping: MIA 7 - NE 20

The Giants will continue their destruction by annhilating CIN. Home game, pass rush and their potent offense are all too much.

Madcapping: CIN 12 - NYG 30

It will be interesting to see what kind of respect TN gets now that they are 2-0. I love them to win this game at home, but if the spread is more than 4 I don't trust their offense to score that many points.

Madcapping: HOU 16 - TN 20

I am really hoping Vegas overhypes the 2-0 Cardinals, because I like WAS at home. ARI has shown time and again that they will lose for you. The great thing is they reglarly trick people into thinking 'This is the year", and what better to do that than 2-0?

Madcapping: ARI 20 - WAS 23

NO is a scary offensive team that figures out how to lose. DEN is for real, and I think last week was their official coming out party. Their last second win against SD will look like it was a close game, but really DEN dominated. There was a fluke turnover that made it close.

Madcapping: NO 20 - DEN 30

I was sitting amongst quite the cadre of 49 fans Sunday while I was trying to watch my Patriots. They were nice people actually (I guess NoCal folks aren't so bad after all...), and I ended up watching their victory vs SEA. Since I may be the only person not from SEA or SF that watched this game I want to tell you all something.... JT O'Sullivan is for real. Somehow Martz did it again. Warner, Bulger, now O'Sullivan. The only question is if SF has a Defense that can stand up for 4 quarters. I'm picking SF to win this game at home, rasing their record to (gulp) 2-1.

Madcapping: DET 28 - SF 29

Finally a team Seattle can beat!

Madcapping: STL 14 - SEA 17

So is CLE a sham? Are they really gonna go 0-3 after losing to the Ravens? I say nay! Just a gut call, here, they squeak out of there by a couple.

Madcapping: CLE 14 - BAL 12

Ahhh... this game was supposed to be a clash of Giants, but alas neither team has an offensive line due to injuries. Maybe they should play fantasy-style and line up 4 RBs, 3 TEs and 4 WRS! Indy is home, and after their win last week I'm willing to give them the nod.

Madcapping: JAX 10 - IND 19

I'll say it again, PHI is serious. PIT is a worthy opponent, but I don't think they keep up with PHI at home. The only second thought I have is PIT's defense... They have been dominating so far.

Madcapping: PHI 25 - PIT 19

Game of the Week! DAL clobbered CLE and outgunned PHI. I think Vegas gives them too many points this week, look for GB to cover or upset at Lambeau!

Madcapping: DAL 30 - GB 28

SD is 0-2, and they have a weak NYJ team in town. I think they take their revenge and win by a lot. I'll say 18.

Madcapping: NYJ 6 - SD 24

Tomorrow I'll go game-by-game with the Vegas spreads and give my confidence levels for betting each game. Remember, don't cap and drive.

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