Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Week 03 - Losses All Around

So, for some reason (I spent half the day trying to figure it out), my numbers were wrong. Not the win/loss, but the cash tracking. It turns out I got no action on a bet I thought there was action on, making my system very confused. Which means my system last week just looked wrong - I was actually up way more than I thought I was. And it also means this week was much worse than I thought, too. But it pretty much evened out, still up for the year, so here are the lovely results from Week 3's bets:

Rank Pick Vs Spd Bet % Bet Amt W/L Payout
1 TB @ CHI +3 26% $24.80 W $48.42
2 BAL v. CLE -2 25% $23.75 W $46.37
3 GB v. DAL +3 24% $23.02 L $0.00
4 ARI @ WAS +3 24% $22.66 L $0.00


Rank Pick Vs ML Bet % Bet Amt W/L Payout
1 NE v. MIA -800 30% $12.01 L $0.00
2 ARI @ WAS +150 27% $10.56 L $0.00
3 TB @ CHI +135 24% $9.28 W $21.80
4 KC @ ATL +210 19% $7.61 L $0.00

For totals of...

Start Value
Net of +/-
Total Bank
Bets Placed
Bet Income
Ending Bank
Total Return

Where the moneyline kept me afloat in week 1, it kicked my ass in week 3. NE blew up (could be a long year, but I like seeing lots of NE dogs coming up, which means lots of lopsided opportunity), ARI just got beat, and KC... well, they're KC. The spreads were close, especially considering ARI and GB could have almost gone either way (sort of). But I was up about 55 cents on spread bets this week.

The box is doing a nice job so far this year picking some of the least volatile games overall. And now that we're getting to week 4, we'll start to see game value play a bigger role (how a game's win or loss has eventual playoff implications, and how important it is to win that game). All in all, I can't complain, despite the mixed week.

Hopefully I'll have a bit more time this week to post, I just got a new job (woot!) so I'll take a while to settle into my rhythm. Suffice to say, betting will still play a big part.

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