Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Week 02 - Done and done

Mild victories all the way around this week. Hopefully I can keep up the consistency, but here are the results:

Rank Pick Vs Spd Bet % Bet Amt W/L Payout
1 NE @ NYJ +1 21% $17.37 W $33.91
2 GB @ DET -3 20% $17.05 W $31.87
3 TEN @ CIN +1 20% $16.74 W $32.68
4 SD @ DEN +1 19% $16.02 L $0.00


Rank Pick Vs ML Bet % Bet Amt W/L Payout
1 GB @ DET -165 35% $12.96 W $20.82
2 PHI @ DAL +245 33% $12.20 L $0.00

for a solid payout of...

Bet Income
Ending Bank
Total Return

By way of analysis, the PHI/DAL game was a great game (even with DeSean's ridiculous "fumble"), and easily could have gone either way. PHI had the game in the bag if not for a few very lame fumbles during McNabb/Westbrook handoffs. The SD game was just terrible to watch, since Ed Hoculi is one of the best. That call cost me $16.02, Eddy, should I expect a check in the mail?

Had PHI and SD panned out, it would have been a perfect weekend.

I'm running this week's preliminary picks tonight, I'll have power ranks tomorrow and initial picks. Woot!

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The Mad Capper said...

Didn't the SD game push? I think you have more money than you think.