Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Week 02 - Box's Premature Ejac... Handicaps

Just a quick run down, here are the initial spread numbers - won't have final bets until later this week:

1 NE @ NYJ +2
2 GB @ DET -3
3 NO @ WAS 0
4 TEN @ CIN +1
5 BAL @ HOU +4.5
6 PHI @ DAL +7
7 MIN v. IND +2
8 CHI @ CAR +3
9 BUF @ JAC +6
10 OAK @ KC +4
11 SD @ DEN -2
12 MIA @ ARI +7
13 SF @ SEA +8
14 TB v. ATL -8
15 STL v. NYG +9
16 PIT @ CLE -6

Early impressions - love the BAL pick, Matt Schaub did his best David Carr last week, getting sacked, throwing picks, and fumbling like it was his job. All Flacco has to do is not suck. Like NO pick too, WAS and Jason Campbell are, in my estimation, ridiculously terrible. I'm not loving the TEN pick, since Kerry Collins is cro magnon man, and Palmer will have revenge on his mind. I can see how Haynesworth, Vandenbosch, and Bullock could give the Bengals problems though. And DEN? Well, I think they looked amazing against the pee wee Raiders, but LT should cut them like butter, and Rivers can actually complete a pass. I don't like that one bit.


The Mad Capper said...

Don't think I don't read these posts. Your rankings suddenly changed. What happened?

Matt Moscardi said...

typo altered all the ordering - thought i changed it fast enough no one would notice.

we're good now though. aaaaaaaall good.