Friday, September 21, 2007

Week 3 - PIT Will Cover, Mark My Words

Comments on some of the pick differences - PIT, statistically, is the
second best team in the league. Granted, they played the Browns and
Buffalo, but SF is waaay overrated by their 2 wins. They are a bit
confused with the new system, and Alex Smith has no sense of the field
whatsoever. He's so amped up, all his passes are flying over reciever's
heads. They have all the pieces to be good, but when SF is flying
across the country to play a powerhouse AFC team with a young
quarterback, I think PIT can cover.

I agree on your CAR assessment, I'm gonna stay away from that game. ATL
really has no team to speak of, with or without Vick, and Carolina seems
to be getting it back together. The running game is suspect, though.

I'll run the parlay stuff tonight if I can, maybe tomorrow.


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