Thursday, September 20, 2007

Week 3 - Capper's First Impressions - IND Romps, CHI Flops

OK, i used ****'s lines... I'm gonna check www.****.com to see if they are any different but based on **** (home team in CAPS)...

ind over HOU (-6.5)
-Houston had a win over shitty KC and a surprise win over CAR, mostly because A. Johnson is nearly unstoppable. He's hurt this week, Indy is gonna romp.

GB over sd (+5.5)
-I think this is a great underdog bet, since GB is better than common wisdom and SD is worse than most think. I think this will be a close game, so I'll take the points.

min over KC (+3)
-Honestly, KC is the worst team in the league to me. I just think they plain suck. The Vikes have a good D, good running, and after last week's 4 INT game, I think they will take less chances with Tavaris and win in a ball control offense. Plus I get 3 points.

det over PHI (+7)
-PHI seems to be in trouble, but I would have picked them if the spread was closer. With Kitna throwing over 70% in Marz's offense, PHI unable to stop the redskins, and McNabb not healthy, I'll take the 7 points.

NE over buf (-17)
-Most rediculous spread...ever. But can you really pick against it?

NYJ over mia (-3)
-Jets have lost to NE and BAL. Two top teams in the NFL so I'm not faulting them. MIA blows, and they're away.

sf over PIT (+9)
-What's with the huge spreads? PIT beat crappy CLE and BUF. They are not 9 points better than SF, who are 2-0 after two division games.

BAL over ari (-8)
-i'm not betting this game because of the large spread, but forced to pick I'll take Baltimore's D getting pressure to Leinart before he can throw to his badass WRs. Boller actually looked good last week, did anyone notice?

stl over TB (+4)
-This one's a toughy. I have picked STL two weeks in a row and gotten screwed. It felt so nice, i'm going back for thirds! I'll take the 4 points because I think Vegas is over-impressed with TB's win over NO. NO has played terribly, so I'm not convinced TB is any good.

DEN over jax (-3.5)
-tough call, since DEN has squeaked by a couple of questionable teams (OAK and BUF), and jax has underperformed against TEN and ATL. Denver's home, though.. Shit I just changed my mind. This game comes down to a last second field goal, which means i need to take the 'dog. REVISED: jax over DEN (+3.5)

SEA over cin (-3.5)
-I'm pretty sure that the ten of us with my little sister at nose tackle could play better defense than CIN.

OAK over cle (-3)
-What? I picked the raiders? yeah, they're playing the browns.
If you think CLE scores 50 points again this week, I want some of what you're having.

car over ATL (-4)
-Atlanta is in trouble. Harrington isn't helping and the spread is only 4 points. I'm betting this one for sure.

WAS over nyg (-4)
-WAS beat PHI, PHI is better than NYG, therefore the transitive property tells me WAS will beat NYG. I new geometry proofs would come in handy some day.

dal over CHI (+3)
-good frickin game. I think Rex throws a couple picks, and since Benson sucks Dallas wins by default. Plus it's an underdog kind of week.

NO over tn (-4.5)
-I know i said NO isn't impressive, but they're home, Deuce is averaging 5 yards a carry, and everyone is saying the same thing - give him the damn ball. I think they do. The passing game opens up, and TNs offense isn't good enough to keep pace, even though I hear my sister is playing nose tackle for the Saints, too.


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