Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Week 4 - The Mad Capper's Game Rankings

ok, I've cross-checked the lists and come up with my preliminary rankings and parlays.


1. ne over cin
2. gb over min
3. dal over stl
4. sd over kc
5. bal over cle
6. nyj over buf
7. ind over den
8. pit over ari
9. mia over oak

So you may have noticed I stuck to my guns on this one. we agreed on most of them, but i had to stick with NE, DAL, and SD. The one switch I made was to drop the Hou vs Atl game in favor of mia vs oak. This is my experiment with picking the favorite in the moneyline, and picking the 'dog in the spread. So according to these rankings, my parlays will be:

[ne-gb-dal] [ne-sd-bal] [gb-nyj-ind] [dal-pit-mia] [ne-gb-dal-sd-bal-nyj]


(depending on what the TB v CAR spread comes in at, they could be included here)
1. gb over min -1.5
2. nyj over buf -3.5
3. bal over cle -4.5
4. ne over cin -7
5. oak over mia +4
6. sea over sf -2
7. sd over kc -11.5
8. phi over nyg -3
9. det over chi +3

I really wanted to factor the spread box in here, but had a really tough time with your top picks. So actually my top 4 thumb their noses at the box, betting completely the opposite direction, plus i avoided your top rated games. So I decided that I would stick with the box the rest of the way to try to make amends. Note that one of the riskier TMC-picks is ne over cin. i decided not to do the genius-maneuver here (like with oak v mia), and just bet the pats when i saw that the spread had come down half a point to 7. Now that the pats can win by a touchdown and tie, i just can't bet against them. I honestly had no clue what to do with bets 5-9, so i'm really counting on the box to pull through here. Anyway, this is how the parlays will shake out:

[gb-nyj-bal] [gb-ne-oak] [nyj-sea-sd] [bal-phi-det] [gb-nyj-bal-ne-oak-sea]

Whew. That's a lot of work for one day.


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