Thursday, September 20, 2007

Week 3 - 9 Team Parlay System

We agreed on 7 of the games (den vs jax pending). This is interesting to me because it's almost enough to do some really fun things with parlays. After ranking the games in terms of confidence, I'm thinking of organizing a parlay system something along these lines:

[team 1, 2, 3]
[team 1, 4, 5]
[team 2, 6, 7]
[team 3, 8, 9]
[team 1- team 6]

So basically we've got 5 parlay bets at $10/ea = $50/week betting money.

Last week: 3-team parlays were paying out 5 to 1;
and 6-team parlays were paying out 38:1.

So basically if 1 of the 4 3-team parlays hits, you are covered. Everything else is gravy, plus you got the big kahuna 6-team parlay for the big bucks. I tried to minimize overlap so that one or two games won't blow the whole shebang. The key is to nail your top 3 picks.


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