Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Week 4 - The Capper Commentary - Part Deuce


You've got some craaaaazy stuff going on here with your money line bets. I love your idea of spreading risk by picking a 'dog to cover the spread, and the favorite to win the moneyline. when i read that, i thought "this is the smartest thing i've ever heard"... stroke of genius, buddy. really.

i'm going to do twice as many parlays using half-bets, so i am going to have a 5-parlay set devoted to moneylining. It'll be interesting to see how it plays out. OK, so my comments on your moneyline picks:

1. NYJ - I like this one, it is my #6.

2. SEA - This didn't make my top 9, but i agree with you. I won't be betting this one, though.

3. GB - love this one, it's my #2.

4. KC - you are crazy. your #4 confidence is that KC beats SD??? i think you need to recheck this one, since you have SD covering the spread on your other box.
--->6th grade sense of humor alert: we should refer to the two systems as the "spread box" and the "money box" - get it? it's like vagina. eh heh heh, heh heh... shut up, beavis... oh man, i need more sleep.

5. HOU - squeaked in at my #9, we are in agreement here.

6. BAL - I like this one also, at #4.

7. MIA - this is one where you like oakland to cover the spread, but mia to win (see 'smartest thing..ever' comment above). This didn't make my top 9, though.

8. PHI - doesn't make my top 9. I don't like this game at all, both teams have multiple personality syndrome.

9. IND - I have this game slightly higher at #7.

10. TB - Didn't make my top 9, but i agree TB should win.

11. DET - Also didn't make my top 9. I think i'm gonna stay away.

12. PIT - I like PIT to win here, and they made it in for me at #8.

13. NE - This is where you start to get silly - This is my #1 game of the week. no WAY CIN's defense stops NE this week. no way. In other news, by including this game in the betting, you can pick CIN to cover the spread in a separate bet.

14. DAL - Again... c'mon, what are you doing here? last? the spread is like 12! I love dallas in this game at my #3 spot. Also an opportunity to pick DAL here and STL to cover the huge spread later.

Double check your money box, i think you've got some holes. particularly #4, 13-14. In any case I'm going to try to reconcile my own favorites with yours here and put together a final top 9.


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