Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Week 4 - Lock in GB

I already locked in my first parlay... [bal - gb - nyj]..... GB's spread over MIN is only 1.5, i wanted to get it in before everyone bet on GB and the spread moved. This has to be the biggest gimme of the week.

I like my top four picks:

1. GB over MIN (-1.5)
2. BAL over CLE (-4.5)
3. NYJ over MIA (-3.5)
4. NE over CIN (-7.5)

...But the rest is a toss up. I need the box! gotta round off my 5-9 picks! or maybe this is the week to stick with only 6 teams? hmm... i'll wait to see what you come up with.

PPS I think i've made up my mind... I'm going 1/2 bets and doing two different sets of 5 parlays. One set will be the same as last week, and the second set will be money line bets. Here are my top nine for moneyline:

1. pats over cin
2. gb over min
3. dal over stl
4. bal over cle
5. sd over kc
6. nyj over buf
7. ind over den
8. pit over ari
9. hou over atl

Overall I am way more comfortable with my moneyline bets.


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