Friday, September 21, 2007

Week 3 - Non Box Wager Rankings and Parlays

OK so i've got my first draft ready. I basically made my own preference list, took the 6 games we agreed on, then threw in 3 from my list that I am more confident in than the Box's predictions to round out a top 9. I wanted to mix up my 6-team parlay a little bit so that it wasn't completely comprised of teams from the 3-team parlays (and avoid one or two games screwing up all the parlays), so I I'm taking NE to cover the 17 point spread with buffalo.

1. DAL over CHI (+3) - Agreement;
2. GB over SD (+6) - Agreement;
3. MIN over KC (+3) - Agreement;
4. SEA over CIN (-3.5) - Not in your top 9, but we agree will cover;
5. IND over HOU (-6) - Gut feeling pick here. I just think Indy is too good not to cover.
6. CAR over ATL (-4) - The Box disagrees, but I don't think ATL can cover;
7. WAS over NYG (-3.5) - High on your list, low on mine, but we agree so it's in.
8. DET over PHI (+6) - Not in your top 9, but we agree will cover;
9. STL over TB (+3.5) - Not in your top 9, but we agree will cover.


1. DAL - GB - MIN
2. DAL - SEA - IND
3. GB - CAR - WAS
4. MIN - DET - STL
5. DAL - NE - MIN - SEA - IND - CAR (replaced GB with NE, in case the 2006 Chargers show up and blow out the packers, plus it's fun to root, root, root for the home team).


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