Thursday, September 20, 2007

Week 3 - Your 9 Team Parlay Is Questionable

I like your parlay concept a lot, actually, mostly from a fun
standpoint. Statistically, there's a reason vegas pays out more on
parlays - they have low odds. First, let me give you the top 9 by the box:

1. DAL
2. WAS
3. MIA
4. TEN
5. DEN
6. MIN
7. GB
8. PIT
9. BUF

My spreads were slightly different than yours, so I'd have to enter them
again before I placed bets to be sure those picks stand. I actually
agree with most of them, though the MIA pick makes me nervous and I
definitely feel your pain on the NE pick. My solace with such a big
spread is that by the 4th quarter, NE could be up 23 points and Buf
could score on a meaningless drive and cover.

I'm going to run a test on the parlays, see how many of those combos
paid out last year according to the boxes picks. I'm going to guess you lose money and that your ideas are weak and pathetic. We shall see. Mwah ha ha ha!


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