Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Week 5 - Matty's Naked Picks

Clearly, my spread abilities are better than my parlay abilities. That
said, $5 to win $48 on the 4 team moneyline parlay seems like worthy odds...

I don't have the stats for the Box to give me picks yet, but we'll see
how far I veer from what the box will say about the early spreads:

JAC @ KC +2 - a classic home dog pick here, the box will love it.
Frankly, so do I - Jags have a long history of playing down to weaker
opponents. The spread is pretty small, though, I'm hoping early bets
pump it up a point.

DET +3.5 @ WAS - I currently hate WAS for blowing everything they should
win. Joe Gibbs needs to be put in a home by now, his old school style
is killing my box.

TB +10 @ IND - this will be a pick I hate to make on the box, but the
box will pick it.

SD @ DEN -1 - how on earth is this only -1? DEN in Mile High?? Against
the terrible Chargers? Even Jay Cutler should have a field day.

DAL @ BUF +10 - this will be a home dog pick and DAL's first real
challenge as a cross conference game. If the Bills get a little
healthier, I think they even have a shot to upset.


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