Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Week 6 - Vegas Missed

Vegas really missed their spreads this week. I should have gotten back on the horse early, several of my favorites are getting hit. I can't believe you got in the NE game at -5. Wait, you bet against them? well i hate to tell you they have been sliding and after opening at -4.5 they are at -6 right now. You should check out the 'trends' section of sportsbook. tells ya what percentage of bets is being placed where.

so far i like:

1. (-3) nyg over atl
2. (-6) ne over dal
3. (-5.5) chi over min
4. (+3) was over GB
5. (+9.5) stl over bal

I think my bets are gonna be a hodge-podge this week

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