Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Week 9 - Box's First Impressions - Simon Says Bet the Browns

And the box has spoken:

1. CLE -1 v. SEA @Home
2. MIN +7 v. SD @Home
3. TB -3.5 v. ARI@Home
4. ATL -3 v. SF @Home
5. DEN +3 v. DET Away
6. HOU +2 v. OAK Away
7. GB +2 v. KC Away
8. JAC +3.5 v. NO Away
9. PHI +3 v. DAL@Home
10. TEN -4 v. CAR @Home
11. NYJ +3.5 v. WAS @Home
12. BUF +1 v. CIN @Home
13. BAL +9 v. PIT Away
14. IND +5.5 v. NE @Home

Things to note: IND v. NE, the most hyped game of the last 10 years, is DEAD LAST in my averager (when averaging conviction, win percentage, and risk). Which is funny, since I thought it would be one of the TOP picks. Basically, the Box is saying this game will be SO CLOSE, that it's not even worth the risk of betting it.

That leaves me with a wacky top 5 of mediocre teams. The Box seems to love MIN, it picks them every week, and it loses every week. It also loves TB, and wins every week on TB. Or at least that's how it feels.

The Box has spoken. Kneel before it.

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