Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Week 5 - CIN + Linebackers = NE Mauling

Well I did the sensible thing and did not throw down any further money on the pats in attempts to cover my losses from sunday. Then it turns out Maroney is a scratch, so I'm feeling pretty good about my decision. Then the bengals lose every linebacker but two to injury. they played in a dime defense the whole game... then i felt dumb. then i watched the pats rack up the points again. then i saw the final score... and then i drank.

So what do you figure the spread on NE vs CLE is? -20? Actually I can see them giving CLE about the same spread as CIN, in which case I am betting the hell out of the pats.

Looking at your bets, I feel your pain on PIT. i had a four team parlay that blew up because of them. Would have paid off $100.

On to your comments for week 5:

DET +3.5 @ WAS - I currently hate WAS for blowing everything they should
win. Joe Gibbs needs to be put in a home by now, his old school style
is killing my box.

-->WAS has been killing me also. Once betting against them and once betting with them. Here's the thing, though... after seeing the Giants destroy Philly... maybe we shouldn't be too hard on the skins. They just might be the better team in this game.

TB +10 @ IND - this will be a pick I hate to make on the box, but the
box will pick it.

-->You know, I don't mind taking TB here at all. They are my new best friend. Cadillac went down for the year, but they have Pittman backing up, who I actually like. I'm pretty sure Indy lost 3-4 defensive starters last week, too.

SD @ DEN -1 - how on earth is this only -1? DEN in Mile High?? Against
the terrible Chargers? Even Jay Cutler should have a field day.

-->This game scares me. Well mostly it's the chargers that scare me. Are they imploding and will lose 14 games this year? possibly. Also just as likely that they get proud and start smacking teams around.

DAL @ BUF +10 - this will be a home dog pick and DAL's first real
challenge as a cross conference game. If the Bills get a little
healthier, I think they even have a shot to upset.

-->The big spreads have been covering this year. Especially when it's Indy, NE and DAL. I believe none of those teams have missed yet. I think this might be a trap bet. BUF upset NYJ this week, so it's going to be fresh in peoples minds that they can win. This doesn't change the fact that they have tons of injuries, and a rookie QB against a Dallas team that is clicking on 12 cylinders right now. I like Dallas here, I think. Then again, every team i've declared god-awful has made a comeback to make me look silly. first it was KC, then it was CLE, I trashed the Bills last week and they upset the jets. maybe the spite gods are coming after me again?


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