Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Week 5 - Getting Ridiculous Lays, Final Bets

Sweet, I just finished a cleaner betting "interface". I'll add the
parlay bit again maybe for next week, I'm going to have to take tomorrow
off from the box in order to catch up on the job that actually PAYS me.

The moneylines are RIDICULOUS. IND +450?? You could win $1.11 on a
minimum $5.00 bet?? Why on earth bet the game? The payout on TB should
be -450 to make it worth betting on TB. I have to enter the lay on the
moneylines so I can see potentials, that will have to happen tomorrow.

I've decided this week to go with 2 spread conviction picks, 3 spread
win percentage picks, 1 moneyline conviction pick, 1 moneyline win
percentage pick, and 1 mixed 4 team parlay. Here's what I'm feeling now:

Spread Convictions:
1. ARI -3
2. DEN -1

Spread Win Percentage:
1. ATL +8
2. DET +3.5
3. TB +10

Moneyline Conviction:
1. NE - the lay on this will be stupid, may have to drop to the second
or third level pick

Moneyline Win Percentage:
1. DAL - see above, may have to move down the charts

4 Team Mix Parlay:
ARI (spread) - DEN (spread) - ATL (spread) - DAL (or replacement pick on

That's my current thinking, though I'm undecided about how best to
attack it. Right now, I have to pretend to sleep instead of thinking
about this. I'm totally obsessed. My bets will be in early this week,
probably tomorrow night, because I'll be away this weekend. Still get
email on my blackberry, so I'll be able to watch your progress.

We should honestly start a biz handicapping all day. I could do this
for a living.


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