Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Week 8 - Box's First Impressions - A Tidbit of Genius

This week's run down (pre ML lines):

MIA +9.5 v. NYG @Home
MIN +1 v. PHI @Home
DET +5 v. CHI Away
OAK +7.5 v. TEN Away
CAR +6.5 v. IND @Home
CLE -3 v. STL @Home
CIN +3.5 v. PIT @Home
BUF +3 v. NYJ Away
JAC +4 v. TB Away
HOU +9 v. SD Away
NO -2.5 v. SF Away
WAS +16 v. NE Away
GB +3 v. DEN Away

Initial reactions: hate the MIA pick, love the MIN pick, love the DET
pick. Unhappy with OAK, but it's possible I guess. Unlikely with
Young back in the saddle. Hate the CAR and WAS picks, IND and NE are just
unstoppable. CLE is a genius pick, the spread should be much higher
than -3 in my opinion. Though it is the return of Steven Jackson, so
that may account for the lower spread. CIN is a home dog pick, same
with CAR. The BUF v. NYJ won me money a few weeks ago, but now BUF is
at NYJ, so I don't like the pick as much. Vegas is saying it's a -6 if

BUF was at home, which is ludicrous to me. JAC is a great pick, and in

my opinion, it's the lock of the week assuming Gerrard is back (which
he's supposed to be). The IND/JAC game would have been totally
different with Gerrard in there. NO is a good pick as they seem to be
picking up steam, and GB is a great pick in my opinion, since I don't
think DEN should have beaten PIT (even though the box picked DEN last

That's my quick rundown. I'm gonna lock in some bets now, including
(yes, I'm listening to the system) the WAS pick. Sigh. Goodbye

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