Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Week 7 - Box's Postgame - Campbell's Chunky Returns

So I was up nice and big - to the tune of 80% - on my bets this past
week. Still haven't broken even from the previous two weeks, but I
found a nice way to lower my risk and my returns have been pretty good.
My big money was won on a parlay of ARI, CHI, and ATL. But I managed
to pick TEN correctly (which was ridiculously close) and I only missed
on my NYJ pick (and then just barely too).

All in all, a good week. This week though my worst fears came true:
the box says take WAS as my number one pick. It's just throwing my money
away... sigh. I did build in a new feature that tells me if the spread is a multiple of 7 or 3 or a combination (ie, 10), and therefore tells me that I need to bet swiftly to lock in a favorable spread (better to push than lose that half point).

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