Friday, October 26, 2007

Week 8 - The Box Speaks, Commentary on Picks

Ooh, can't say I like the TB pick. It will be a purely defensive game,

and Jax will pound the ground since Gray is starting for Gerrard. I
think Jac will actually win this one. The other two are no brainers in

my opinion - though I would have taken the NYG points down to under -3
(if that's the way the teaser works? Or is it 2 per game?).

My picks went as follows:
I spent $35 of my $80 bankroll, I decided I can't be betting it all
every week since I run the risk of losing everything in one week.

CIN +3.5 v. PIT @Home
NO -2.5 v. SF Away
WAS +16 v. NE Away
Total: $20

BUF -125 v NYJ Away
Total: $5

IND -300 v CAR, TEN -350 v OAK, NO -2.5 v SF
BUF +125 v NYJ, CLE -165 v STL, IND -300 v CAR, TEN -350 v OAK, NO -145
v SF
Total: $10

The parlays were more fun bets, and the 5 team parlay was my picking my

top five favorite Box picks, so it's a combination of gut and stats. A

lot hinges on NO, since they're involved in 3 of my bets (including
parlays), but if NO loses all the way around, I can still break even
because I bet decent lays otherwise.

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