Monday, October 29, 2007

Week 8 - Box's Postgame - Discretion Is a Box's Best Friend

Sweeeet. The parlays saved my ass, really.

I think the best way the box will work is to bet it's top 3 spreads
week, it's top moneyline (taking into account the lay - it gives me the

highest conviction pick with the highest payout), and then one or two
"discretionary" parlays. The 3 team parlay was suggested by the box in

its entirety, and I liked the choices so I went with it. The 5 team
moneyline parlay was purely discretionary inasmuch as I looked over the

box's moneyline picks and chose the ones I liked the most - what I
thought were my "sure things". This way, I get to play a bit, but the
box does the heavy lifting.

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