Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Week 6 - Box's First Impressions - Depression

This just in: Week 5 = terrible.

I decided to go the simple way: top 5 games against the spread. I
already placed the bets, keeping it simple. Last week, my top 5 were
2-3. The rest of my games were 1-8. Ridiculous.

So, I bet on the following:

1. OAK +9.5 @ SD
2. NO +6.5 @ SEA
3. HOU +6.5 @ JAC
4. DAL +5 v. NE
5. MIA +4.5 @ CLE

All dogs, most on the road. I expect to go a solid 0-5, but I'm
sticking with simple bets from here out. If nothing else, at least I
won't feel like I beat myself. My parlays (I did 3 last week) lost me
$15, plus the moneyline payouts aren't very good. So I'm sticking with
the spread picks that are the highest win %s.


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