Friday, November 9, 2007

Week 10 - Making G-SPAM apple sauce

Crystal Clear, Excelius!

I, myself, prefer kama to karma - like kama sutra gigity gigity.

Back to football- What do you think about altering the G-Spam to calculate volatility in relation to how a team performs against the average - exactly what the box does with stats only - instead of calculating the volatility of points scored only?

It seems that with this method, you would be taking strength of schedule into account more directly (since both teams' performance would be defined not in a bubble, but vs. the average team). Basically what I'm saying is that it doesn't matter so much how many points scores from week to week, what matters is margin of victory in combination with the strength of the opponent, exactly what the box considers.

Then, instead of averaging the box and the G-SPAM (two different systems), it's all rolled into one. Sorta like making apple sauce out of two apples instead of apples and peanuts (ew, peanuts).

Keep Capping, baby.

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