Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Week 11 - MadCapping and Prelim Picks

Week 11 descends... hopefully my bank account will not.

SD vs JAX: SD is definitely falling into the multiple personality disorder category, but I just don't trust Gray to lead JAX. With Indy losing, the division title is in sight for JAX, but I don't think they have the horses to get it done. SD -3

KC vs IND: Man Indy has a ton of injuries. Most of the line are backups, only Wayne is left in the receiver core and Freeney is out too. KC is a tough team, but B. Croyle is making his first start and the game is in Indy. Oh let's not forget that the Colts are awesome. IND -8.

OAK vs MIN: Two crapass teams. Atleast Min can run. Oh wait, Peterson tore his knee. Game's in MIN so let's give it to them. MIN -2.

CLE vs. BAL: You have to finally make CLE a favorite, don't you? Most improved team in the NFL, plus McNair's career is officially over. People are calling for Boller, and Billick might be on his way out. Even after Ray Lewis cold-cocked his teammates on national tv, blaming the offense's turnovers for their losing, they still coughed the ball up 5 times. CLE -4.

TB vs ATL: Atlanta's on a winning streak, watch out! just kidding. TB is still fighting for the division title, Garcia's still playing well, the D works, and Ernest Graham has been a great plug for their injured running game. Who's the QB for Atlanta anyway? TB -6.

ARI vs CIN: Cincy beat Baltimore last week, so they are on the rise, right? Wrong. Baltimore gave away 5 turnovers, and cincy still can't stop the run. ARI -2.

MIA vs PHI: Philly can't beat a good team, but they can beat a crappy one. PHI -5.

NO vs HOU: I think this is going to be my upset of the week. Bet the house on Houston. NO teased us a couple weeks in a row, then got blown out by the 0-8 Rams last week. So who are the Saints - the 0-4 team or the 4-0 team? Andre Johnson, Houston's top WR finally is back from a week 2 injury (my fantasy team salutes you!), and HOU has been playing tough all year. I think NO will be favored, but take the Texans. HOU -1.

CAR vs GB: GB looks good don't they? I like them big at home against the struggling Panthers who just fell apart after DelHomme went down. What happened to Julius Peppers this year (My fantasy team farts in your general direction)? GB -11.

NYG vs DET: Multiple Personality Alert! Screw this game, i'm not betting it. The Giants are a more complete team and should win, but who knows. Kitna might have God giving him playcalls and he hangs up 60 points. NYG -3.

PIT vs NYJ: um... yeah. PIT -12

WAS vs DAL: What is going on in Washington? Good players, good coaches, can't win. Dallas is on fuego so..... DAL -7.

STL vs. SF: eeeewww... what a stinker. I'm gonna say STL's shoulda-been firepower shows up after a good game last week and beats a terrible SF team. STL -4.

CHI vs SEA: Throw a touchdown to Berrian. Now don't fumble. Good Rex. Good. This game is kind of a toss-up for me, but Seattle is at homs. SEA -2.

NE vs Buf: The cobra kai yankees return! Sweep the leg Johnny! NE -10.

Ten vs. Den: I've gone back and forth on this one... but basically it comes down to 1 thing: Den can't stop the run and all TEN does is run. Ten -4.

I'll give you the Capper vs Vegas table tomorrow.

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