Monday, November 19, 2007

Week 11 - Put a Cap in yo' Weekly Roundup!

Well I've been waiting over a month to have a week like this. Meat and Meade for all my men! I don't know if this was a fluke week, or finally turning past the learning curve but yours truly successfully capped almost every game this week. The only one I know I missed was the Raiders game, which unfortunately I had in my parlay. Using a 4-team teaser as a backup worked brilliantly however, as OAK covered their +10.5, even though they lost vs. their base spread of +4.5.

I am particularly proud of the games I elected to avoid (see last post). Getting out of the way of SD away at JAX with Garrard back, MIA (who pushed) with Beck in his first start, and Buffalo trying to keep the game within 16 points made my week. Sticking to the games I had the least concern about was definitely a winning strategy this week.

The Good:
1. WAS +11 vs DAL paid $5.71 profit
2. STL -3 vs SF paid $5.71 profit
3. [KC +20.5 vs IND -- NE -10 vs BUF -- WAS +17 vs DAL -- OAK +10.5 vs MIN] paid $18.00 profit.

The Bad:
OAK +4.5 vs MIN lost $6.00

Total Bets = $24.00
Total Profit = $23.42
Return = 98%

If I had the stones, I would hit the moneyline on the underdog Titans tonight in Denver, but I'm walking away from the table up for this week.

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