Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Week 13 - Madder Capping

Gotta get even this week. So here's how I see the games going down:

GB at DAL - The NFC's version of Colts/Pats. Very even matched, but I'll give Dallas the edge in their house. GB -4.

BUF at WAS- Terrible news about Sean Taylor. How will the team respond? BUF had been playing good ball until they ran into the Pats and Jaguars, now they've benched Losman again and Marshawn has been hurt for 3 weeks now. I'll take an emotional WAS-2.

DET at MIN- DET's playing for their playoff lives, and gets a break in their brutal 2nd half schedule in a trip to Minnesota. Hey! Minnesota has astro-turf too! Peterson is still out, and no way MIN duplicates it's lucky defensive touchdowns. Let me say one last thing... I said it last week, I'll saying again. I hate betting against MIN, they are spread busters. DET -4.

HOU at TEN- Man oh man I want to favor HOU. TEN seems to be in a free-fall, but this is still supposed to be that overachieving team that toughed their way to the playoffs.... TEN is at home settles it. TN -1.

JAX at IND- JAX seems to be rolling, and they know how to play the colts. Rumor has it Joseph Addai could be back, though. Plus this is still Indy's division until someone takes it from them. IND -4.

NYJ at MIA- Two lowly AFC East times bump into each other this week. MIA is down to it's 3rd string QB, 3rd string RB and traded its #1 WR. There is no reason to pick them. Ever. NYJ -2.

SD at KC- KC was my madcapping darling for a few weeks there... until they kicked me in the balls 3 weeks in a row. Now they are my enemy. I hate cheering for LaDanian Whiningson but, what can you do? SD-6.

SEA at PHI- Philly showed some serious moxy against NE last week. SEA is definitely a Multiple Personality team. I'll give it to the home team again. PHI -3.

SF at CAR- Stinker of the week! I have no reason to pick either team. None. So let's go with SF on a 2-win streak, shall we? SF-1.

CLE at ARI- I really thought the wave theory would have caught up with the brownies by now, but they continue to be under-capped. If they are favored by less than 3 here, bet the house on it. CLE -4.

DEN at OAK- DEN would be riding a wave right now if Shannahan hadn't stubbornly kicked to Frickin' Hester last week. Fortunately OAK has nobody of that ilk on its team, so I like DEN in a landslide. DEN-5.

TB at NO- TB is the 3rd best team in the NFC right now. How 'bout that? NO is a spoiler team that will beat spreads when you least expect it. Not this time, though. TB-2.

NYG at CHI- Last week was a mulligan. For both teams. No way CHI gets the free points it got last week, and no way NYG gives away the free points again. NYG -6.

CIN at PIT- You know... PIT is starting to make me nervous. They lose to the Jets, and squeak past MIA. And bullcrap to you who says the field was messy. Isn't that supposed to be an advantage to the running-game steelers? In any case, I can't in good conscience bet the Bengals at 3-river. PIT-6.

NE at BAL- So will the spreads calm down a little bit this week? They probably should, but I am thinking this game might be a shutout 19-0. NE-19.

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