Monday, November 26, 2007

Week 12 - Sunday Blues - Weekly Roundup

Well it started off so well with Thursday football. My last second changes to include indy and GB into the mix hit on Thankgiving, giving me a huge leg up on Sunday. Then it all went to crap.

First, the good:
IND vs ATL - I correctly added indy into the mix wednesday night, figuring they were a deep enough team to beat up lowly ATL. They are, and they did. I look forward to betting with IND and against ATL the rest of the way.

GB vs DET- It all came true.... DET was overrated and not given enough points, and GB went in there and spanked 'em. I added GB to my parlay and was looking forward to cashing in on Sunday.... Look for GB to keep winning, and keep an eye on any game they are not laying more than a field goal.

JAX vs BUF- I got this one right, too. JAX is the real deal, built for cold-weather power football. BUF is scrappy, but not ready to handle a team like this. BUF is still a good pick against the middle teams, though.

The Bad:
TN vs CIN- wow. 35-6. it wasn't even a game. My comment last week was that TN should just run over the Cincy defense. They didn't. The TN defense either misses Albert Haynesworth that much, or CIN just remembered how to play. Either way this pick blew up my parlay and half of my single-game picks.

KC vs OAK- I wisely moved them out of my parlay, but then stuck with them in two teasers, figuring that with a +0.5 at home against 2-win Oakland, it was a lock. It wasn't. I'm not sure what happened in this game, but it coast me two teasers.

ARI vs SF- The cards got beat by SF. Pathetic. Pathetic. Pathetic.

DEN vs CHI- Devin frickin Hester. Good for my fantasy team, bad for my single-game bet.


net losses = $25.00

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