Thursday, November 1, 2007

Week 9 - The Mad Crapper Report - Prepare to Lose

First off, I can use "the Box told me so" as a defense when I go 0-14 this week.

That said, prepare to be astonished:

CLE is not only on the rise (well, everyone except the 300 lbs anchor Romeo Crennel), they are giving 1 - ONE - at home against a questionable SEA team that plays poorly on the road, can't run the ball, and are barely in charge of arguably the weakest division in football. Vegas is saying that, on a neutral field, SEA would be giving roughly 2. REEEEEE-diculous. Even if I didn't listen to the Box (he's like my shoulder angel), I would bet CLE all day here.

And here is where you show a woeful disdain for reality, my friend. MIN +7 against a hot SD team - but are they hot? Or have they had zero competition? Hot against whom, let's see - oh, HOU (without Schaub), OAK (need I say more?), and a pitiful DEN team that I can't figure out. Did I mention they won their Bye week two weeks ago? Yeah, they did. MIN, while no powerhouse, is better than all of those teams. MIN is a better than average running team, and a terrible pass defensive team. Which would seem to bode poorly, except SD doesn't seem to ever want to pass the ball (11 attempts last week? What?). However, SD is below average defensively across the board, and ironically, on offense in the running game too. I like my chances of MIN losing by 10 or 14 with 3 minutes left when Adrian Peterson breaks a sweet screen pass for 80 yards and an almost garbage TD. Counting on garbage baby!

I almost agree with you on the PHI pick - but my feeling is that as long as PHI has Donovan and Westbrook in the game, they have a chance. The big question mark is the D - can they stop... anything... at all... I don't think I'll bet this game, it's too far down the list.

I'm going to lock in my picks tonight, I have some serious issues with some of the Box parlays. Including a suggested parlay of ATL -200, ATL -3.5 (-110), TEN -220, TEN -4 (-110)... talk about all your eggs in one basket, no? Look out for Box's Final Bets coming today.

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