Thursday, November 15, 2007

Week 11 - Spread 'Em and Show Me the Box

Not much innuendo in that title.

So, just as an FYI Capper, here are the Box's "Predicted" spreads based on the stats. I'd be interested to see how big the differences are from the Box spreads - maybe you could have a Cap vs. The Box parlay.

Favorite Where Vegas Box Dog
JAC Home -3.0 -0.5 SD
IND Home -14.5 -4.8 KC
CIN Home -3.0 -2.3 ARI
CLE Away -2.5 -1.6 BAL
TB Away -3.0 -1.3 ATL
HOU Home -1.0 1.3 NO
GB Home -9.5 -5.5 CAR
MIN Home -5.0 -2.8 OAK
PHI Home -10.0 -1.7 MIA
NYG Away -2.5 -2.2 DET
PIT Away -9.5 -1.9 NYJ
DAL Home -10.5 -4.4 WAS
STL Away -2.5 -1.7 SF
SEA Home -5.5 -3.1 CHI
NE Away -16.0 -4.1 BUF
DEN Home -2.0 0.8 TEN

Just at a glance, it looks like CAR would be your pick of the week if the Box were Vegas. Which also agrees with what the Box suggests - CAR is the 4th ranked pick, and a suggested double down bet based on the Beta.

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