Monday, December 3, 2007

Week 13 - Half Point Revenge! (Recap)

Week 13 started with a box-Capper lovefest, and it has ended the same. Lots of winners this week, and would have swept if CLE hadn't been screwed by the refs (check out the last second pass to Winslow where they did not call him pushed out of bounds, despite TWO defenders preventing him from landing in bounds). My only regret? I didn't go all in like i was planning on, before I wussed out. Anyways, here's how it panned out:

The Good:
1. NYG -1.5 vs CHI: This was the first game I thought was going to screw me. Manning had yet another terrible day, and it seemed like Good Rex showed up. In the final minutes, the G-Men were down by 2, and driving down the field. A big completion gets them within field goal range, and past the 2 minute warning. Your humble narrator is stewing at his girlfriends apartment, trying not to let on that I've blown more money on gambling instead of on xmas presents. I'm cursing the damn half-point spread when WHAT? They throw a quick slant down to the 2 yd line... Could they be going for the Touchdown? 1st and goal and Droughs run it in untouched! The Giants go up by 6, hold on and cover the spread. Unbelievable. First time that's happened all year. +$4.35 profit.

2. JAX +6.5 vs IND: I kept watching the score flash across the screen and it seemed like Indy was up by 14 the whole time. This of course meant that JAX was going to have to try to out-gun Indy, which I figured would lead to an even bigger Indy victory. Very distressing. Plus, I'm once again cursing the half-point as a 14 point deficit is terrible if your betting on a +6.5 spread, since the Jags are gonna have to score two TDs to tie, and field goals are useless... so the game might as well be a pick-em. I didn't see the end of the game, but somehow the final score was 28-25! Did JAX actually kick a useless field goal to go down by 11, then score a TD and convert the 2-point conversion? All to beat the half-point spread? Yes! +4.55 profit.

3. 4-Team Teaser!
a) CLE +7 vs. ARI: As I mentioned above, CLE got hosed by the final call of the game. Winslow was clearly pushed out of the endzone. Didn't affect my teaser, though, since the final margin was 6 points. I think this is a mulligan game for CLE... They are still a tough team, but yesterday they turned the ball over stupidly 3 times.
b) TB +9 vs NO: Ever since week 2, I've been on the Tampa bandwagon, and they came through against unreliable NO this week, even without Garcia (which made me nervous). Was that Luke McCown leading them to almost 30 points? unreal.
c) NYJ +7 vs MIA: I still can't believe MIA was favored in this game. It confused me so much I started to believe it was some Vegas trick, a trap game to lure people into betting for the Jets... some trick, the final score was 40-13. I don't think I'd bet the Jets against anyone except MIA, so I'm pretty psyched to walk away with this one.
d) HOU +9.5 vs TN: Is it me or does Shaub get injured on every play? The guy needs to take the rest of the year off and get healed. The season is done anyways. I thought this game would be a lot closer, but thankfully TN was favored by 3.5, bumping my teaser spread to 9.5, just enough to cover the 8 point differential.
+$15.00 profit.

The Bad: Only CLE didn't win this week. Stupid Refs...

Weekly Total: +$18.90

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