Thursday, December 27, 2007

Week 17 - Moneyline Seems to Be Money

I bet some uncharacteristic moneyline bets last week - only teams that paid out positive dollars. Did it work? Well, my $5 bet on Chicago to upset Green Bay paid me a solid $15 or so, negating any other moneyline losses I took. Worth it?

I'm not sure.

This week, the picks are in, and I may do some of the same maneuvering:

* considers lay in pick order
1. CHI +130 v. NO @Home
2. TB +145 v. CAR @Home
3. SEA +145 v. ATL Away
4. CIN -145 v. MIA @Home
5. IND +280 v. TEN @Home
6. DEN +190 v. MIN @Home
7. PIT -200 v. BAL @Home
8. GB -210 v. DET Away
9. JAC +280 v. HOU Away
10. NYJ -270 v. KC Away
11. SD -370 v. OAK @Home
12. PHI -340 v. BUF Away
13. DAL +430 v. WAS Away
14. ARI -260 v. STL Away

My top 3 picks are all in the money picks. I like betting the upset, but this week is pretty unpredictable. I'm not sure what I'm doing yet, but I do know I'm not risking big dollars in the last week - I'll try to keep it a respectable showing and not lose big on a choppy week 17.

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