Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Week 14 - Use the Force, Luke: Madcapping and Pregame

Enough of Week 13 already! We've got games to cap... Here's your weekly pregame analysis and Madcapping:

1. CHI at WAS: Sad as it is to say, the Skins were in trouble pre-Sean Taylor murder, and their season is done now. The whole team (defeated) went to the funeral early this week in Miami, then had to travel back to WAS to practice. CHI has actually shown some moxie lately, and the force tells me they are going to play spoiler the rest of the way. Good Rex shows up and wins. CHI-2.

2. CAR at JAX: Carolina looks so bad, and JAX so good that it's only a matter of picking the number of points to give the panthers. JAX -12.

3. DAL at DET: The Detroit freefall has reached critical velocity, and here comes Dallas to play Roadrunner to the Lion's Wiley Coyote. Detroit is having trouble blocking the pass rush, and they are gonna have to throw to keep up with The Cowboys explosive O. This could be bad. Very Very bad. DAL -10.

4. MIA at BUF: I read an interesting stat today in Peter King's MMQB - Buffalo is 6-3 in the last nine games. The three losses? Patriots - JAX - Cowboys - a collective 31-5. BUF is an honest to goodness contender, and I'm a believer. Oh yeah, MIA is playing in this game, too. BUF -5.

5. NYG at PHI: You know I actually like Philly's chances this week. Not enough to pick them to win, but to make this game basically a pick-em, especially in the Linc. The Giants are a better team, but Philly's blitz schemes are gonna give stumbling bumbling Manning fits. Giants pull it out in the end, though. NYG -1.

6. OAK at GB: Favre is hurt, but will play. GB just lost an emotional game at Dallas, and the lowly Raiders come in unexpectedly and make a game of this. Has anyone else notice backup RB Fargas (or is it Vargas?) is a steamroller? OAK has actually played tough the last two weeks, winning both games (and screwing me in the process). GB wakes up in the 4th quarter down by 3 points. Favre drives 'em down for the winning score. GB-4.

7. PIT at NE: I'm a little nervous about the Wave Theory here. All the media attention has been on the chinks in the Patriot armor, and ever since the Colts' game, PIT has been labelled the last hope for the '72 Dolphins. Why nervous? Everything points to a close game, with PIT possibly pulling it out. Downward pressure on the spread this week, perhaps? I faintly smell a NE blowout in this one, but it's not strong enough to call a huge victory. NE -6.

8. SD at TN: Two teams that have taken their lumps, and that have won games playing like they could be the AFC champ. TN's at home... but screw it. I'm going with Excelius here and saying Young sucks so Haynesworth Schmaynesworth. SD -1.

9. STL at CIN: Super suck travels to play somewhat suck. Bulger is still hurt, CIN is at home... and I wasn't gonna pick STL anyways. CIN -5.

10. TB at HOU: Two of my favorite underdogs. With Shaub unable to stay healthy, I don't think HOU is enough of a threat to take down TB, who continues to outplay itself on paper. Was that a McCown throwing for 300 yds this week? HOU's defense is better than NO's, but not good enough for me. TB -3.

11. ARI at SEA: ARI loses to SF, then beats CLE. Their record is 6-6 and I hereby label them a multiple personality team, shunned from all betting henceforth and evermore... In any case, SEA has upped their game, and finally are breaking away from the rest of the poor NFC West. SEA -3.

12. MIN vs SF: I'm jumping on the MIN bandwagon while there is still room. Peterson is back and... did you see him juke that Lions' safety on Sunday.... looks amazing. T. Jackson seems to have figured out how to play QB, and they've got the Crappy Niners at the plate. Love MIN big, this week. MIN -9.

13. CLE at NYJ: The Jets pounded MIA last week. Exactly, who cares? CLE (Patriots 2.0) is still a serious contender and will win at New York (Patriots 3.0). I'm giving the Brownies a mulligan for last week. The lost that game to stupid turnovers, which I'm confident won't happen again. CLE -6.

14. KC at DEN: I seriously don't know what to do with these two teams. They basically cloned from the same disappointing stem cell, and will eek out a suprising win now and then. Both are capable of winning, but both tend to lose. DEN is at home, so I'll give them the edge. DEN -2.

15. IND at BAL: After that emotional MNF last minute loss to the Patriots, the Colts are going to come into Baltimore and just destroy the Ravens. This is a hangover week, they are whining about the officials, Billick's face is melting off (Have you seen him in interviews lately? **shudder**)... IND -12.

16. NO at ATL: My rationale here is that NO is capable of big offense + ATL still has no QB solution, and little defense to speak of. NO wins big. NO -8.

OK, so I guess it's time to review what Vegas has to say about these games. I'll return with my Delta Force comparison.

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