Thursday, December 27, 2007

Week 16 - Box's Final Bets

I have a LOT of catching up to do. The holidays are pure craziness, so bear with me, some of these posts are coming very late. Here are the final bets I placed for Week 16 - it could have been a better week had I bet my one-two as the box suggested, but as it's late in the season, I'm happy just to get by at this point. Here are the bets:

Bets for Week 16
Moneyline: BUF (120) v. NYG - $5.00 to win $6.00
Moneyline: KC (180) v. DET - $5.00 to win $9.00
Moneyline: CHI (310) v. GB - $5.00 to win $15.50
Spread: SF +6 (-115) v. TB - $20.00 to win $17.39
Parlay: STL +13.5 (-110) v. PIT, SF +12 (-115) v. TB, CIN +9 (-125) v. CLE, DEN +14.5 (-110) v. SD - $5.00 to win $15.00

I love playing these positive moneylines on what clearly look like mismatches. Buffalo is the superior team (though, sadly, it doesn't pay out), and KC and Chicago are nice longshot bets. The single spread bet felt like a longshot to me, but the Box says and I do. The Parlay is purely for ego's sake.

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