Monday, December 10, 2007

Week 14 - More Betting Strategy and Monday Updates

Lots of theory being tossed around this week. I think Matty and I will be doing some serious investigation and debate in the offseason on how to improve our results for next year. I do find it interesting that we may have come full circle and the box may be forced to join me in parlay betting, seeing as it seems to be statistically the safest bet.

The results this week on my normal (non-whacky 10-team progressive parlay) bets have been good so far. Dallas squeaking out a win by one point blew up one of my teasers (I had them at -4.5), but CLE won nicely, as did Indy and MIN, leaving it all up to NO. I've got them in my remaining teasers at NO+2, so if they can avoid losing to lowly ATL, I will finish up this week, with something like a 40% return. Yours truly has been winning the past month, and I continue to kick myself for lowering my wagers from when I was losing regularly earlier in the year.

3 cheers for NO, and we can look at the good, bad and ugly tomorrow.

Oh and before I forget I have to chuckle and congratulate Matty on the worst parlay of the year: 0-5 is a sad site, my friend.

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