Friday, December 7, 2007

Week 14 - TEASER MADNESS! - The Mad Capper's Final Bets

Since Matty has apparently deserted you all, and I am the only one posting, I hereby dub myself ---- The Uniblogger! duh duh duh....

I hope you were all watching the early game last night (Thursday). Lovie Smith calls for a field goal down by 11, with 00:30 left when he's got the ball inside the 5 yard line! Either Lovie had a teaser going, or here's just another reason why most coaches are not named Bill Bellichik. You think for a second the patriots would have not gone for it down on the goal-line? You make it, you get your opportunity for a 2-point conversion. If you miss, you still get to onside and try for the win. If you hit it, all you need is a field goal to tie it up. Instead, Lovie trots out the field goal unit, hoping that they can get the onside kick, successfully throw a hail mary and then kick a field goal to send it into overtime. All within 30 seconds.

Yours truly had his face in his arm at a local watering hole as CHI got down to the endzone, knowing they would have to try to force it in when..... FIELD GOAL UNIT! YES! Snap, hold and through the uprights, CHI loses by 8, winning me my first game of the 3-team teaser i hastily put together yesterday, which included CHI +9. The Bears fans I met were not so thrilled, but I Thank You, Lovie!

Tasting this fresh victory (might just be my mouthwash) still, let's get on with this week's complete bets.

It's Teaser Madness Week! Yay! As much as I wanted to get back to the parlays, I just couldn't bring myself to do it. I liked the teasers so much that I'd only be able to do one parlay and stay within my budget, nudging out either my only single-game bet or one of the teasers I so love. So, the Parlay is out, but the teasers are in:

3-team Teasers:
  1. [CHI +9 -- DAL -4.5 -- IND -3]
  2. [MIN -2.5 -- CLE +3 -- NO +2] (6.5 points)
  3. [IND -3 -- MIN -3 -- NO +1.5]
Single-Game: Cle -3.5

Rediculous 10-team Progressive Parlay (possibly):
[CLE -3.5 v NYJ --
DAL -10.5 v DET --
SD (pick) v TEN --
IND -9 v DET --
NO -5 v ATL --
PIT +10.5 v NE --
MIN -9 v SF --
ARI +7 v SEA --
OAK + 10.5 v GB
STL +6.5 v CIN]

The progressive parlay is a new addition to TMC's betting buffet, and I think (in the immortal words of Leslie Neilson) I love it. Basically it offers big payouts with the opportunity to miss games. On a 10-game progressive parlay I can miss up to 3 games (going 7-3) and still get paid 1:1. The fewer games I miss, the higher the payout. In this example, the payouts are as follows:

10-0....................... 250:1
9-1.......................... 25:1
8-2......................... 3:1
7-3.......................... 1:1

This gives me action on 10 games with one bet! In terms of fun, this might be king. Even as I watch scores flash across the screen - up to three of my games can be losing and I will still care about the other 7 games. Sundays were never so interesting.

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