Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Week 14 - Double Down Craziness

Just a quick observation... I matched up the Beta rankings to the games this week, and there are 5 games that feature two teams in the top half of the league. That means 5 double-down bets, right? In case your curious, they are:

-dal (1) at det (4)
-pit (6) at ne (12)
-stl (15) at cin (7)
-min (11) at sf (8)
-ind (3) at bal (9)

Basically we are saying that these teams all score about the same amount each game, so it should be easy to pick who will score more, and by how much more, right?

An example would be if DAL (1) scores 30 ppg and det (4) scores 20 ppg consistently, we can reasonably expect a score of 30-20, and bet accordingly. Of course in this example, this game appears to be a risky bet, since the spread is dead-on at 10.5.

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